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Tentlabs b-DAC

Tentlabs b-DAC
Marca: Tentlabs
Convertidor digital analógico b-DAC


A reference in its' price range!

" relaxed, controlled playback without digital artifacts "
" fluid, honest and natural tone "
" my sincere compliments to Guido Tent and his design team "

Read the test from Werner Ero, Music Emotion July 2010, one of the Dutch leading hifi magazines (Note: this article shows pictures of the pre production cabinet).
First batch fully sold out ! New batch scheduled for December 15. 2010 price valid until December 31.

Why would you need a new DAC ?
Improve playback from your existing CD player
Enhance the quality of your current network player
Enjoy high perfomance USB based playback

Features & specs
• USB, SPDIF and optical inputs, low jitter SPDIF output
• Balanced and single ended outputs, including volume control
Low jitter Tentlabs clock (<1ps rms jitter) feeding the sample rate converter and a dedicated reclocking stage
• 12 independent supply regulators
• SRC4382 upsampler, selectable sample rate
• 24 bits 192kHz PCM1792 DAC, al inputs reclocked
• -117dB distortion at 0dBfs (thd 0,0006%)
• Selectable filters and phase
• All functions remote controlled
Striking design, includes milled aluminium front panel and stainless steel cabinet


• Retail price: € 999 (VAT included)


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