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Preamplificador Fono Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition

Preamplificador Fono Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition

Preamp. de fono para Cápsulas MM Gram Amp 2 SE


Preamp. de fono Gram Amp 2 SE: el más analizado y recomendado…

El Gram Amp 2 SE (Edición Especial) es un preamp. de phono para cápsulas MM (moving magnet), MI (moving iron) y para cápsulas MC (moving coil) de alta salida (no válido para MC baja salida).

"I can't think of any other phono stage anywhere near its price that can match the 2 SE's clear, taut, and dynamic bass response, nor approach its high frequency clarity and resolution." [Stereo Times, May 2007]

El preamp. de phono Gram Amp 2 Special Edition fue lanzado en 2001 con significativas mejoras sobre su legendario predecessor, el Gram Amp 2 (ahora llamado “the Communicator”).

La edición especial del preamp. de phono Gram Amp 2 proporciona el 50 por ciento más de ganancia para entregar una alta salida en favor de los poseedores de preamplificadores pasivos cuando se utiliza una cápsula MM de salida media o alta (4.5 mV o más).

"The Gram Amp 2 SE offers exceptionally good value with its clean, detailed, dynamic and completely grain-free presentation" [Six Moons, April 2005]

"...the music the Gram Amp 2 SE produced was very well tonally balanced. It was easy to listen to but also imparted excitement without edginess. Amazingly, when partnered with quite expensive front-ends and 'speakers, the Gram SE was not left wanting, it just played highly enjoyable music." [TNT Audio, May 2002]

"This product is an easy recommend. It works very well, and it does so beyond what you might expect at the price" [, April 2002]

"...all the earmarks of a giant killer...the more you listen to this thing on its own, the more you'll discover that you can play it for hours without fatigue...the presentation had a rare top to bottom cohesiveness, with a tonal balance unusually rich, lush, and, well, beautiful...It's love at first sound between the Gram Amp and vocalists, while violins are marvelously silken..." [Absolute Sound (print magazine), Feb/March 2002]

"...they'll be amazed by its sound...the Gram delivered genuine solidity in the mid-band and mid-bass. It was quiet, and free from the thinness, edge, and grain you usually get at this price..." [Stereophile, June 2002]


2007 Editors Choice Awards: The Absolute Sound - October 2007

Editors Choice - Best Buy phono preamplifier: The Absolute Sound - Issue 144 October/November 2003

Recommended Best Buy: The Absolute Sound Dec 2002/Jan2003

Recommended System Component: Stereophile October 2002, April 2003, October 2003

Recommended Best Buy: The Absolute Sound Oct/Nov 2002





Input range: 2mV to 10 mV
Output: 224 to 1120 mV rms for input range above

Maximum input level: 41 mV (ref 1kHz)
Input impedance resistive/capacitive: 47k Ohms/100pF
Output noise: (CCIR Q-Pk 22Hz-22 kHz) -74dB
Equivalent Input noise (EIN): -115dB

Reprod. characteristic: RIAA within 0.5dB total deviation 20Hz-20 kHz

Gain: 41dB (Av 112) ref 1kHz Phase Margin: 90 degrees
Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise measured at 80Hz, 1kHz, 5.6kHz and 16kHz: <0.05% (typically <0.015% at 1kHz   

Channel balance: 0.1dB Channel separation: 64dB

Dimensiones: 000 x 00 x 00 mm approx.

PSU: “Green” de serie; puede suministrarse PSU1 como “upgrade”



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