Accustic Arts Amp I

AMP I - MK2 highlights

Audiophile stereo power amplifier with high output performance; also suitable for less efficient, impedance critical and low ohm loudspeaker systems up to 2 Ω

8 selected MOS-FET output transistors of highest quality

Magnetically shielded and encapsulated 600 VA toroidal core transformer for high output reserves; separate windings for right and left channel

Very good smoothing thanks to more than 80.000 µF power supply capacity; Premium quality capacitors ("Made in Germany")

High damping factor for perfect speaker control

Integrated protective circuit switches ascents off when clipping, HF oscillations or too high DC offset occurs

Constant low operating temperature due to generously dimensioned heat sink integrated in housing

Balanced input (XLR) and unbalanced input (RCA) – the inputs are switchable

Very high quality, gold-plated speaker terminals

Full metal housing for optimum shielding

Also perfect for Super-Audio CD® (SACD)

ACCUSTIC ARTS® AMP I - MK2 is "Handmade in Germany"

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